Valentino's Vintage - A Hollywood Auction Treasure Trove

February 4, 2016

Living in Los Angeles, you are exposed to a lot of movie history.  Sometimes, you can take a bit of that history home with you.  While I didn't make any purchases this time around, as I did when I bought Greta Garbo's green vases, I did enjoy strolling around the November Julien's Auctions display of items from their sale Property From the Golden Closet Archive.

Rudolph Valentino Hollywood Auction

My Life in Pictures - November

December 6, 2015

As my blog is so much about places and things and events, it only gives a very small snapshot at what I do when I'm not being vintage.  Because I'm not vintage all of the time.  I do regular things just like you do.  I thought it would be fun to give you a snapshot of my Instagram feed, as many have before me, so that if you don't follow my feed religiously (you don't?!) you'll still get the gist of what I'm about because we all like peeking in on other people, right? Or is that just me being weird? (don't answer that.)

1930s dress and jewelry

Clifton's Cafeteria - Dining in the Woods

November 28, 2015

While in Los Angeles we are often dismayed when historic buildings are gutted or torn down to make way for the new and modern, there are some exceptions that stand out, that are somehow saved from the wrecking ball.  Clifton's cafeteria is one of those landmarks.  While not an exact replica of the original Clifton's that opened in 1935, it is in the woodland spirit of the original that still evokes fond memories for original diners, while new enhancements will no doubt appeal to those wishing an eclectic after-hours flair among Downtown Los Angeles landmarks.


Going Back to My Roots - Pow Wow Country

November 8, 2015

I haven't been much for truly embracing my Native American heritage.  While my ancestors came from Oklahoma (by way of the Trail of Tears) and I'm a card-carrying member of the Cherokee Nation, I grew up in Los Angeles.  There is a thriving native culture in Los Angeles, but my mother never got involved with it.  Hence, I usually look at it from afar.  Every once in awhile, though, the drums will sound in my ear and I'll need to dig a little deeper into who I am.  As my sister, who is very much in to pow wow culture, had just visited me, I thought I would take a jaunt to a local pow wow to check it out.

1920s ensemble Modcloth