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Well, I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit.  With a 7-year old in tow you can’t get in to too much trouble.  However, we wanted to do something fun and entertaining for my Little Man.  So off we trotted down to the darling little Arroyo Seco Miniature Golf Course – a blast from the 1960s past.
Miniature Golf
It can be hard for parents to find activities that are both enjoyable for their children, as well as enjoyable for them.  Finding that balance can be tricky.  Fortunately, South Pasadena has the answer.
The miniature golf course at the Arroyo Seco Golf Club is really charming – unlike the miniature golf places you are likely used to seeing.  The little 9-hole course has windmills, castle, tunnels and vexing ant hill that tricks me every time.  I just can’t get my ball up that ant hill.  At only $6 per player, it is affordable for the whole family.  Combine it with a delicious burger and milk shake at the cafe right next door and it is an utterly enjoyable family outing.  Not a bad little afternoon jaunt, with not a Dance Dance Revolution video game, go-cart or batting cage in sight.  It is very low key and relaxing.  No one is rushing you to advance to the next set of holes.  But it isn’t so long that a little one’s attention would begin to wander.
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
While you are likely not going to improve your golf game when you are there, you certainly will have a fun afternoon.  This South Pasadena institution will surely charm you.


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