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Being a lady of a more fluffy nature, finding vintage clothes is less than easy.  At least if you have something specific in mind.  While looking in Playclothes Vintage Fashions, I found a darling hat that I knew would work splendidly for the upcoming Queen Mary Art Deco Festival.  Now I could have just changed the ribbons, but I thought I’d try to find something that would work with what I had.

So I trolled Ebay in search of vintage zippers and belt buckles and looked for some rayon crepe that I could make my first deco dress in.

The design I put together from two different vintage patterns, with the bodice being completely cobbled together by me, as I couldn’t find something in my stash that I liked.

vintage fashion sewing 30s

Not bad.  This is us as we are getting ready to leave for the Festival.  I also made Hubby Dearest’s vest (with four pockets, as appropriate for the time.)  We could only make it for one day, but more on our weekend at another time.

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