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We thought we would take a peak at the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival.  This is an annual event co-sponsored with the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles (ADSLA).  With lectures on deco subjects, a pajama party, tours, cocktail soirees, art deco bazaar, live music, and lovely dances, it is thee-days of deco delights.
vintage cocktail queen mary 30s fashion
 Our first vintage cocktails of the day – the classic Tom Collins.

We decided on this weekend that we’d go ahead and join ADSLA as we met so many great folks (and our friends Brian and Lily are members, so we had some folks to hang out with as well.)
I didn’t think we stuck out too much like sore thumbs.  And I was actually able to coerce my hair with lots of pins and willpower into something resembling a vintage do.
vintage queen mary art deco fashion 30s


While Hubby Dearest normally sports a goatee/beard with his mustache, he thought he’d shave it for the occasion.  I was shocked!  I hadn’t seen his chin for almost two decades!
We attended a great lecture, but spent most of our time eating and drinking.  After all, I am in search of the perfect vintage cocktail for me.  I had to get in lots of sampling.  Since we didn’t have tickets to the ball, we dined in Sir Winston’s on board, and I have to say it was fabulous.  Such good food.  And after drinking in the lounges, hanging out with our new friends, and actually finding a vintage suit for Hubby Dearest, we were happy to say we found a nice annual event to attend.  Looking forward to 2011, where we’ll try to stay the whole weekend.
vintage queen mary art deco cocktail old fashioned 30s fashion dress
  An Old Fashioned

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  1. Unknown says:

    I have been only once and it was years ago. You made it come alive and you look stunning:) I have a similar blog perhaps we can trade links or guest blog for each other? I'm actually trying to gain readership to help find an agent for my "vintage" novel 🙂

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