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One of the signals that the end of summer is truly here is the Ticket to the Twenties event at the Workman Temple Homestead Museum in the City of Industry.

vintage lady by choice 20s workman temple

Anyone interested in deco looks forward to this annual event.  With live bands, fashion shows, mah jong and ukulele lessons, house tours of the gorgeous houses and vintage cars, it’s hard to beat.  This was our first visit and we had a fabulous time.  While we missed the 1920s fashion show the previous day, we thought it was worth it to wait until Sunday to be able to hear Mora’s Modern Rhythmists, the best dance band for a truly authentic-sounding 20s and 30s experience.  Between them playing on one end of the grounds and Janet Klein playing on the other, we were in heaven.

vintage 20s workman temple ticket to the 20s

While I didn’t get a chance to learn mah jong (I really want to learn) or the ukulele (since I used to do hula I really want to learn that as well), we did tour La Casa Nueva, the gorgeous Spanish Colonial Revival on the grounds.  Built in the 1920s, it has been beautifully restored.  I have a 1920s cottage, but unfortunately the previous owners stripped out much of the charming features it originally had, so I drool over homes that have been kept and maintained or restored with care.

vintage workman temple homestead


vintage workman temple homestead


20s workman temple homestead


workman temple homestead 20s
While I wanted something summery and light, in looking at this dress I realized that powder blue is NOT my color.  I didn’t want white, as I thought I’d look like Moby Dick, but instead I looked like Moby Dick’s drowned cousin.  Oh well.  Next time I’ll go for something a little richer in color.  Live and learn.
workman temple homestead 20s fashion


workman temple homestead 20s




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