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Another ADSLA event was approaching, and I had nothing to wear!  Casino Moderne was hosted at the Los Angeles Athletic Club (in existence since 1880) and was billed as a 1920s casino night, a la another favorite show, Boardwalk Empire.  So I had to make a dress as, well, I can’t find anything to fit me.  So I made a late ‘20s gown and hand-loomed a bead belt and fastened it with a vintage rhinestone buckle.
vintage los angeles athletic club casino moderne

One thing I learned – satin is not my friend.  The light catches it in such a way that it just emphasizes my thick, squishy middle.  Hence, I refuse to show full-length photos.  But I learned that dress clips are handy for keeping lingerie straps in place!
vintage los angeles athletic club casino moderne
 With a lot of practice, I managed my first “do” with finger waves and water wavers.  
Not bad! Pausing by the bar with my friend Lily
However, we still had a blast.  Didn’t win much “money”, which earned you raffle tickets, but in spite of the medical emergency that happened that night (fortunately all was well), we had a blast and since we got a room at the club for the night, we only had to stumble out of the elevators and into our bed for the night.  What a great date night!

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