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Went to the Fashioning Fashion exhibit at LACMA.  Gorgeous!  While everything was pre-WWI, it was still delicious to see the garments up close, the foundations that gave them shape, and the exquisite detail and workmanship in some of the pieces.  Wow!
The guards were letting people take photographs, as long as there was no flash, so I was happy I brought my camera.  Below are just a few of the exquisite pieces on display, which do them no justice as my point and click with no flash is just pooh.
LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibitLACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit
 I liked being able to get the detail shots on the gowns.

LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit VictorianLACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit Victorian
 Now that is a train!

LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit 19th centuryLACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit 19th century
 Look at the detail work on this gown.

LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit 19th century
 I loved displays like this where you can see what went in to getting the shape.

LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit 19th centuryLACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit men

LACMA Fashioning Fashion exhibit undergarment
Naughty garments – well actually the photo on the left is the only naughty, fetish one.  
The one on the right shows the corseting, padding, and petticoats needed to get this 19th century look.

I recommend the catalog, as it has some exquisite detail shots of the pieces, but I recommend not buying it at LACMA.  You can get the same book for $20 cheaper at Amazon or most any online book seller.
Hope you like the images.

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