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While my weekend was nothing to write home about – rain always has a way of putting a damper on my spirits, it was redeemed by a trip to a little joint down in South Pasadena.  I craved barbecue this weekend.  Since I’ve been trying to visit vintage restaurants and try them all out, I thought we would swing down to Gus’ Barbecue.

Gus Barbecue

Opened in 1946, it is remodeled, but still has a vintage charm, with classic photos of South Pasadena blown up on the walls.  And who cares if it is remodeled anyway, what with their yummy food.

Gus Barbecue

They had so many choices, it was hard to pick.  I had the Carolina style pulled pork with baked beans and macaroni and cheese.  I, of course, committed sacrilege by putting Kansas City-style bbq sauce on it.   Just the right amount of smoky spice for me.  My baby boy had a mouth-watering burger four inches tall.  The ribs looked excellent and…well, everything looked good.  With a full bar that made an excellent Southern sangria, it is hard to go wrong.  I must come again, as I do love me a good barbecue meal every now and then.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, this girl must be getting a little something for mentioning all these places in her posts.  Nope.   I’m just trying to be helpful.  I have scoured the internet in search of fun vintage-type places to go.  Due to the generous natures of web aficionados talking about all things vintage, in L.A. and beyond, I was able to find this gem.  I’m just putting a newbie’s spin on what is out there.

Next time I think I may post on som of my recent finds at the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Flea Market.



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