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I love going to flea markets to check out the deals I can (or sometimes can’t) get.  Some places you go to are known for having great prices and nice sellers.  Others feel like they just rummaged through your purse and took everything, they are so expensive.  The Long Beach Antique & Collectible Flea Market isn’t one of those places.  The third Sunday of the month I try to be there to catch some of the great deals.  In February I got a great ‘50s alligator-embossed print large suitcase and a very large wicker and wood picnic basket, all for under $55 combined.  In January I picked up the following lovelies. vintage 20s purseA ‘20s tambour-embroidered purse, that came with a little purse and mirror.

vintage 20s purse
 I love the detail on these purses.  And for $10.
Lady by Choice vintage stratton compact
 A pretty Stratton compact to add to my collection.
Fostoria Meadow Rose glass
And a set of 6 of these lovelies – Fostoria champagne glasses in the Meadow Rose pattern
 Now I can raise a glass on my anniversary this month in style!
I can’t wait to share my next batch of goodies with you.

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