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Cicada ClubSome days you need to put your big girl britches on and do something you don’t feel like doing.  And some days, you should really listen to your body when it says ENOUGH!  Sunday we dined at the gorgeous Cicada Club.  I could have chosen a different day.  But the lineup was special at the club.  Dean Mora and his Orchestra were doing a tribute to the Cocoanut Grove.  I love Dean Mora and his bands are the best.  Unfortunately, Saturday came along and I had been boxed in the noggin by the flu.  Ugh!  Not this weekend!  But nothing was going to stop me from going.

Well, I didn’t have the best time.  And it was by no means the club’s fault.  I was miserable.  Achy, shivering, and just run down.  We had dinner reservations so I ordered the special lentil soup, which was great on my sore throat, but of the yummy chicken Kiev and chocolate molten cake, I had but a few bites.  I was just too out of sorts.  I felt so guilty wasting such good food!  But enough about crabby old me, now about Maxwell Demille’s Cicada Club.

Cicada Club

Lady by Choice author at Cicada Club
Lady by Choice author at Cicada Club

The club is gorgeous.  On the ground floor of the 1928 Oviatt Building, the structure originally housed a department store.  But this was no ordinary department store, not with Lalique glass incorporated into the lobby.

The inside is just as dreamy.  Rich, carved woods give it a warm atmosphere.  It is well preserved and shows its age very little.  Most Sundays of the month, this little gem is transformed into Maxwell Demille’s Cicada Club.

Lady by Choice author at Cicada Club

Cicada Club and Dean Mora Orchestra

Now this evening was billed as Maxwell Demille’s annual 39th birthday party.  I should start celebrating those.  In addition to Dean Mora, it had a list a mile long of other guest entertainers.  But can I tell you how great they were?  Nope.  I finally just gave out – I had to crawl into bed and hope my flu would be better by morning.  Fortunately, we loved the place and want to go back, so I shall hopefully be able to give you a better account next time.

So here’s a taste of future visits to come!

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