March 11, 2011

Spring comes early in my garden.  I love it!  My garden has been coming in to bloom.  Unfortunately, when most of my flowers look their best is when I don’t spend a lot of time outside because I’m usually freezing and it is dark when I get home from work.  But I adore coming outside of my doors and seeing what has opened its petals.
My Jet Fire Daffodils

 They look big alone in the picture, but they're actually tiny

 More of my daffodils

camellia Nuccio's Pearl
 My favorite flower - the camellia.  This is Nuccio's Pearl

 This camellia was planted long before we moved here.  I think it is Alaska

angel's grumpet
 This beauty smells divine at night - Angel's Trumpet

Now I just need to wait for spring to come for the rest of my garden to awaken.

'Bye for Now,

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