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Eat, eat, eat.  That was all I did on Easter.  While early breakfast and a scrumptious Italian Easter dinner were great, I thought I’d chat about the champagne brunch we went to at the Langham Hotel Pasadena, since it is a beautiful vintage hotel.  Built in 1907, it is a grand Italianate hotel, though the interiors are more modern.  If you’re looking into a glimpse of Pasadena history, you won’t find much of it in the interior, though it is lovely.  The exterior, however, gives you a glimpse into the old hotels of days gone by.

Lady by Choice blogger at the Langham Hotel

The hotel possessed many names during the course of its history.  The Hotel Wentworth, The Huntington Hotel, and The Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel, among others before settling on its current name.  While it had a lackluster beginning when built, it is now a Pasadena landmark.  Having been modernized and expanded over time, the hotel is an exquisite example of old world class and refinement.

Langham Hotel in Pasadena

The Langham Pasadena brunch was scrumptious and I ate far too much.  My Little Man and I explored the dessert bar – I personally don’t think five different desserts is too much for one person, especially as they were mostly two-bite versions (I kid, of course, my plate was far too overloaded.)

Lady by Choice blogger at the Langham Hotel
Lady by Choice blogger at the Langham Hotel

Lady by Choice blogger at the Langham Hotel
Lady by Choice blogger at the Langham Hotel

After brunch we went to the lawn, where they had a children’s petting zoo for the day, and enjoyed the afternoon.  What a welcome reprieve from all of the rain we’ve had.  My dress was a sheer ’50s frock with black and white stripes and little roses on it, purchased from Ebay.  I had to be careful which color slip I wore, black or white, as I didn’t want to look too much like Beetlejuice (black won.)
 Hope you had a glorious Easter and enjoyed your day as well.

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