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Spent a lovely, quiet weekend with my Little Man and Hubby Dearest for Mother’s Day this year.  We started off taking the day off on Friday so Hubby and I could spend a little time together.   
Wound up going to Playclothes, which is a favorite vintage shopping haunt of mine.  Bought a few things for myself for the occasion.  Gotta build my Bakelite collection – it is slowly growing, but I need some carved pieces now. The scarf is just gorgeous, but my favorite find was the eye glass case for my sunglasses – love the design!

I also got in the mail one of my Ebay purchases – a vintage powder brush, for dusting off powder once you’ve puffed it on.  I’m also slowly building a vintage cosmetic collection – not so much the old make up as old cases they came in, tools, that sort of thing.  I want to have my dressing table looking as it should.
vintage makeup brush by Lady by Choice
We went to Damon’s in Glendale for dinner on Sunday.  While not in its original location, Damon’s and its South Seas décor has been a Glendale institution since 1937.  Steaks and mai tais are a nice way to spend a Mother’s Day evening in my book.

Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without my child clocking me in the chin.  Totally by accident, of course.  We were hugging, and I just told him he was the sweetest boy ever, and he got so excited he jumped up.  I, in essence, got an upper cut from his head.  He, of course, was traumatized (and in pain on the top of his head) and I tried really hard to console him, but I was crying so steadily from my own pain I don’t think I was very convincing.  We were quite the pair with Hubby Dearest not knowing what to do with either one of us. I’ll be taking some pain pills to hopefully take the ache from my jaw – several hours later and my jaw still hurts!
So that was my Mother’s Day.  How was yours?

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