June 7, 2011

... of Bahooka Family Restaurant (or as some call it Bahooka Ribs and Grog.)
UPDATE: Bahooka has been sold and closed
Bahooka by Lady by Choice

While not the most sophisticated or deco of places, dating only to 1967, this joint is interesting, to say the least.  One part Gilligan’s Island, one part tiki, and one part Aquarium of the Pacific is what this place reminds me of.  It is filled with over 100 aquariums, including one with the star fish, Rufus, a now 36-year old Pacu who likes to eat carrots and was in the Johnny Depp flick Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Bahooka Rufus by Lady by Choice

Bahooka by Lady by Choice

 One of the fun reasons to go to Bahooka is the bar menu.  It has your typical tropical drinks – I tried the Planters Punch and the Singapore Sling.  Honestly, they were all very sweet with not much kick and even though the glasses look large, the glass is also deceptively thick, so they don’t hold a lot of beverage.  I considered ordering the Lak-a-Nooki (promises, promises!), just to see if I could keep a straight face, but didn’t.  Next time I also want to get a flaming bowl for two, because a tiki dinner just isn’t complete if you can’t sear off your eyebrows.

Bahooka by Lady by Choice

Bahooka by Lady by Choice

The restaurant has your typical steaks, ribs fare - see the menu here.  As a true carnivore, I didn’t have a problem finding something to eat.

Bahooka by Lady by Choice
It was a fun place for an evening out and if I can get my 7-year old to enjoy it (he loved roaming around looking at all of the fish), it is a fun little jaunt.  

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BaronessVonVintage said...

ahhh, I can rarely resist a Tiki bar. Wonder if they have lava flows and blue favourite sugary cocktail goodness

wacky tacky said...

I love this place (not so much for the food). I was just thinking about my next restaurant review and thought of Bahooka. Great minds think alike!!! Thanks for the cool blog!

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