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Hello again.  Here is installment two of three on the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival, 2011.  After Friday’s escapades that lasted until the late hours, we woke up to room service so I could get myself together for the first of the day’s long series of events.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Lectures – Queen’s Salon

We first went to the three lectures put on that day.  The first was by John Thomas of the ADSLA on Cedric Gibbons and his influence on Hollywood set design.  Next was a lovely lecture on Art Deco Lalique,presented by Craig Zehms.  Lastly was The Queen Mary in Film and the Importance of Ocean Liners in Cinema

In between all of this lecture attending we shopped at the marketplace and also did an art deco walking tour of the Queen Mary.  We also snuck in some photo time because, you know, we’re photo whores.

I also finally got my photo on the moon!  This is a crummy scan of our Polaroid.  I was too impatient to wait until they posted them on line.  So excited, as I was unable to get my photo with them when I went to the Cicada Club.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festivaln
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Art Deco Reception and Ball – Windsor Salon and Grand Salon

All of our friends got spiffed up for the Art Deco Ball.  Of course, we had to pause in our state rooms to indulge in some pre-ball Manhattans.  Delicious!  I wore a silk evening gown I put together from two different ‘30s patterns.  Once I slapped on my rhinestones, including my Wallis Simpson-inspired jaguar bracelet (rawr!) and grabbed my sable stole I was ready to go. It was a de-lovely evening, with music by Dean Mora and His Orchestra, but it was especially nice spending time with friends.

Queen Mary Art Deco FestivalQueen Mary Art Deco Festival Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Queen Mary Art Deco Festivaln
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Of course, the evening was capped off with…

Drinking – Observation Bar

Sidecars, cigars, you get the picture. Next and last post on the weekend – Sunday!

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival


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  1. wacky tacky says:

    Looks like you all had a grand time! I'm so glad you got to have your picture taken on the moon. I can't wait for the third installment!

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