October 9, 2011

Thanks to the lovely and talented Nabby at This Old Life, I’ve been given a blog award - the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!  Merci, Madame!  Nabby’s blog is just delicious.  What she can craft out of fabric and vintage patterns is amazing.

In exchange for receiving the award I must share seven facts about myself.  Hmmm, where to start? 

1) I learned how to sew when I was in college.  I took a year of theatrical costuming and made garments for the various plays that were put on.

2) I met my husband when we were both historical reenactors.  The Renaissance, to be exact, in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  We were set up by friends of ours.  To be specific, his “knight”, the “king” at the time (I only put the terms in quotes because if you’re not in the Society, you’ll go, “huh?”) said, “I think you should ask her if you can fight for her honor.”  And so he has, for the past 20 years.

3) When I was pregnant with my son, we were in a horrible car accident.  A 70-miles-an-hour-flying-down-the-freeway-lose-control-of-the-car-hit-a-semi kind of accident.  I was the passenger in the car.  It made me a different person.  We are all still alive and safe, fortunately, and I never take that for granted.  Somehow, my seatbelt miraculously situated itself so it rested under my pregnant belly so the impact was on my hipbones and not my belly when we hit.  I didn’t put it there consciously when I got in the car.  I don’t know how it happened, but someone or something was looking after me that day. 

4) For over 15 years, I did Polynesian dance.  Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori.  I competed and went through many a show wearing nothing more than coconuts, bark cloth, foliage and shells.  But I never got to wear a cellophane skirt, dang it!

5) I am a very shy person, but in high school I decided to try to overcome my fear.  So I became a yell leader and could lead a cheer solo in front of thousands of people.  It didn’t help my fear though.  I still quake in my boots at the thought of speaking in crowds.  

6) I can cook, but am completely incapable of cooking anything without a recipe.  My family of pioneer cooking women looks upon me with disdain.

7) People can usually never guess what my racial background is.  I’ve gotten various Latin countries, Greek, Eastern European, and Italian.  But I’m Cherokee and German.  Just like Rambo.

In order to share in the blogging award pleasure, I’d now like to share with you some of my favorites and give them the warm/fuzzy feel of a blog award too!  If she hadn’t given me the award, I would have had Nabby at the top of my list, as she is so creative and elegant in her styling.  But I won’t be a regifter, so here are some others I enjoy.  I’m sure they’ve been presented this or other stylish blog awards already.  But they’re still swell.

If you choose to accept this mission, just give me a shout out, list seven facts about yourself, and share the love by listing some other blogs on your favorites list.  

'Bye for Now,

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