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Some of you may be asking, why in the world is she writing about a Maui vacation that took place in August in October?  Well, it is because I only just got some of the photos in, so I can finally put this post to rest once they’re posted.   We love Hawaii and go there when we can.  I was proposed to on Waikiki Beach.  We were married in Maui.  I’ve been four feet away from flowing lava on the Big Island a few months before I conceived my precious boy.  I used to dance hula.  So when we decided to go again, I couldn’t wait.  I made grand plans about how my photos from this vacation would be different.  To reflect my vintage interests.  I sewed and bought and packed 7 pairs of vintage shoes to go with my vintage ensembles.  You see, I thought I would have stellar poses like this.

Reality Hits

Instead I got this.  I’m just keeping it real, folks.
snorkeling pool
What happened, you ask?  Reality of an equatorial vacation, that’s what.  You see, just two days after we arrived, we took a boat trip to Lanai.  And as I was so busy putting sunscreen on my little man, I neglected to put it on my legs.  So this happened.
Yes, while the photos only show one, I sunburned two hand prints into my leg.  So wearing skirts was out, and not just for vanity’s sake.  Any time the sun hit my legs, it felt like they went up in fire.  Between that and the excruciating swelling and limping I was experiencing from the burn to my legs, I was like Lucy in Hollywood, when she got the really bad sunburn and modeled in the Don Loper fashion show.  So I had to wear pants the rest of the time we were in Hawaii to protect my skin.  There went my vintage Hawaiian photo dreams!  And, yes, you can still see the hand print tan two months later.
So what with my photo plans busted, I just said screw it and tried to enjoy the rest of my vacation in plain jane jeans and yoga pants.  I didn’t care a scrap if my vintage ‘do got soaked in the pool, because I didn’t sport one.  Red lipstick?  How can you keep red lipstick on when you’re snorkeling?  And all those gorgeous vintage and vintage-styled shoes I brought?  They went right back into the suitcase.  Except for one pair.  My shoes in their native habitat of a Maui beach.

Vacation Revised

We did some of the typical things on Maui.  Consumed copious mai tais at Mama’s Fish House.  Trust me, while some call this restaurant a tourist trap, they’re smoking crack.  Very busy.  Very expensive.  But on a gorgeous beach, with stellar food.  I don’t eat fish.  I ate fish and I wanted to lick my plate clean (ono [the fish] is ono [the Hawaiian word for mmm, good.]).  The menu even tells you what boat, what boat captain, and where in the islands your fish was caught.  Favorite restaurant on the island.  And saw many a Hawaiian sunset.
Iao valleyhonolua bay helicopter rideMauiMaui tiki shoes
mai tai
Maui sunset Maui sunsetMaui sunset
And things I won’t post photos of like…
Ate lots of shave ice at Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice ( Homemade mango syrup with macadamia nut ice cream in the bottom for me, please!), swam in the ocean with a sting ray, boated alongside a hundred spinner dolphins, watched a dog surfing, took a nap while listening to waves crashing, and relaxed more than I have ever relaxed on a vacation.

Leave It To The Professionals

But before the sunburn debacle, we had a professional photo shoot on the beach (remember those photos I said I was waiting on?)  No, not a pinup shoot.  I’m talking family photo shoot.  Call me strange to do a professional family photo shoot on vacation, but who else of you can say your Christmas shopping for your parents and in-laws is now taken care of?  I didn’t think so.  Two years ago when we took photos with this photographer, I literally couldn’t pick a favorite, as there were so many!  This time, not so much.  Not because he is a bad photographer, but because I thought I would change it up and not go so “pose-y”.  I wanted casual, relaxed, something like out of a catalog.  Um, try getting a posed shot out of a seven-year-old, much less a casual shot, timed when a wave is crashing up in the distance.  Compound that with two parents trying to wrangle the Little Man, and you can understand how I was pretty disappointed with the photos (at least compared to my last session.)  The one group photo of us I like was, you guessed it, posed.  However, we did get the one good shot, so I’m going to count my blessings.
family portrait
It may not have been my dream vintage vacation, but it was, sunburn and all, pretty sweet.

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  1. What a beautiful place. And it may not be vintage, but your hair looks absolutely gorgeous when it is left down like that, you are very lucky to have such a naturally lovely style x

  2. Gorgeous photos of you and your beautiful family!! I've been to Maui…I agree: it's hard to go too glam in paradise. The main thing is that you enjoyed the sand and surf!!

  3. Lily says:

    Ah, dreamy!! Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing time. Besides, you can wear all those vintage duds next year while lounging around Catalina or something. 😉

  4. Laurence says:

    I went to Hawaii 3 years ago, so far away from France where I live…. It's an amazing souvenir for me! You are right it was hard to keep a vintage glamour look due to the heat… I was wearing vintage 40's-50's sundresses but it was hard to keep a perfect make-up!!!

  5. admin says:

    Thank you, all! Penny, when my hair is long, I wish for shorter hair for vintage styles. When it is shorter, I long for my tresses back. Grass is always greener, I guess.

    Laurence, my makeup melts by mid-day in the best of circumstances, with my oily skin. In Hawaii, it's a lost cause!

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