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The Los Angeles area is so fortunate to have several vintage theaters to enjoy movies and performances.  One such theater borders the coast in the town of El Segundo.  Several of my friends and I gussied up and gathered at the Old Town Music Hall.  As it was Halloween, we went to catch the 1931 version of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff.  The movie was preceded by a couple of Laurel and Hardy shorts.
old town music hall

Old Town Music Hall

The Old Town Music Hall is a quaint little theater that showcases both silent and early sound films as well as concerts.  While we didn’t get to hear it on this jaunt, the theater is home to a Wurlitzer pipe organ saved from the Fox West Coast Theater in Long Beach.  It contains over 2,600 pipes.  The theater, originally called the El Segundo State Theater, was built in 1921, but the organ wasn’t installed until 1968.  I especially enjoy going to see early films, when you can enjoy the Wurlitzer as it plays for silent flicks.
The interior contains a quirky collection of art.  Not exactly a movie palace, but nostalgic none the less.  Had I paid attention to the calendar, I might have seen earlier that Janet Klein was playing there that night and made other arrangements.  I love her!
old town music hall
old town music hall
old town music hallold town music hallold town music hallold town music hall

Purple Orchid

After the movie, we walked down the street to the Purple Orchid, a tacky and fabulous tiki bar.  I stuck with the tiki drink menu, which were all tasty and well-done.  Gotta love drinks with plastic monkeys and paper umbrellas.  Between us we tried to create a brigade of monkeys.  However, we didn’t invest the time, or the gullet, needed to put on a full-scale attack.

Purple OrchidPurple Orchid

Purple Orchid
Purple Orchid

Speaking of tiki and tropical fabulousness, next post shall bore you with my adventures in Hawaii.

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  1. Lily says:

    Bore us? Of course not. I would love to live vicariously through you, err… hear all about Hawai'i!

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