November 24, 2011

Just a quick little post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Spent the past two days cooking for dinner with my in-laws.  Miraculously, had everything on the table on time, since the turkey was taking forever to cook.

 About to serve the antipasti.  What can I say - gotta placate my Florentine in-laws.

 Dinner's over - time for dessert!

Me and my beautiful mama-in-law.

Wishing everyone a holiday filled with family, friends and laughter. 

'Bye for Now,

Digigirl said...

What beautiful pictures... looks like you had a great holiday. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

Patricia Lynn said...

You found me! I'm always surprised when people do. I don't advertise my blog to my friends. Don't know why, just don't.

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