January 22, 2012

Just a quick post to chat about my day on the beach.  Only, there were no bikinis, no fringe pants, and no Eric von Zipper.  But we did have a blanket of seafoam on the beach!  It was grey and dreary at home, but as it was a Sunday and we were cooped up at home all day on Saturday, we had to get out and about.  So off on one of our drives to nowhere we went.  I love our drives to nowhere.  We just get in the car and go and see where we wind up.  Lucky for us, we went to the coast.  Score!  We got blue skies, somehow.  And, since we are between storms, we also got some great waves.

 Sea foam

 See that surfer to the left by the pier?  
A few seconds later he was pummeled by that wave.
Antiquing, the beach, followed by dinner with friends?  Bliss!

'Bye for Now,

pattaya villas said...

Those are huge waves and they look scary. I feel kinda sorry for that surfer there, but looks like he is having lots of fun.

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