January 8, 2012

Or so the flea market promoters say.  The 2nd Sunday of the month, 15,000 Southern Californians squeeze into the Rose Bowl parking lots to view over 2,500 vendors.Given I live so close to the Rose Bowl, you’d think I’d go more often, but there are just so many people and so many vendors, I get a little overwhelmed and exhausted sometimes.  But every six months or so, I like to trot out there and give it a go.  

Rose Bowl flea market by Lady by Choice
Rose Bowl flea market vintage fan by Lady by Choice
Rose Bowl flea market vintage typewriter by Lady by Choice
You can find some lovely things at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Some say it is a bit overpriced, and you will definitely pay a premium on some items.  But you can also find some lovely bargains, so don’t write it off if you’re afraid you won’t find anything in your price range. You can find some beautifully restored antiques, furniture, and salvage items.    
Rose Bowl flea market vintage radio by Lady by Choice
 This is the exact model radio I got for Christmas.

Rose Bowl flea market vintage phonograph by Lady by Choice
Can I just say how hard it is to take photographs in a flea market without getting random body parts in the photo.  These required lots of cropping, because random boob and butt shots in the background is just not attractive.  Flea market items just are not at eye-level to get clean photos.
Rose Bowl flea market vintage radio by Lady by Choice

As well as lovely little tchotchkes and household items. 

Rose Bowl flea market by Lady by Choice
 Rose Bowl flea market by Lady by Choice  
I love the green clock on the table and was tempted to get it.  
To go with my green granite countertop you must be sick of seeing.

 Rose Bowl flea market by Lady by Choice
One thing you will not find in this post is a lot of clothes photos.  Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of clothes vendors, but I can’t shop for clothes at flea markets.  I’m just not the size to find things easily for, and it is just a lesson in frustration.  I’d much rather hunt on Ebay or Etsy, where the measurements are spelled out for me.  I run by booths like this.
Rose Bowl flea market by Lady by Choice

I do, however, get accessories and jewelry.  Speaking of which…
I bought these two lovely hats.  One is a pleated navy and one is black straw.  Be on the lookout when buying hats for matching hat pins included – sometimes they’re tucked away and hard to find in the hat.  The navy one included two lovely blue velvet hat pins.  I also bought another 50s parasol – for $5 how could I not get it – they’re great for walking through flea markets with, even if you are wont to stab people with them.
vintage black hat by Lady by Choice
 50s hat by Lady by Choice
I really must get a lovely mannequin head to display my treasures on.

In the ephemera department, I got two Modern Priscilla magazines from 1927.  This is a nice magazine to show cooking, cleaning, clothes care, fashion.  Lots of little articles that interest a vintage gal and inspire my posts.  
Modern Priscilla by Lady by Choice

I also purchased this piece of sheet music featuring Joan Crawford.  I don’t play any instruments, but I thought it was so lovely.
vintage sheet music Joan Crawford by Lady by Choice
 vintage sheet music Joan Crawford by Lady by Choice
A lovely day of shopping at the Rose Bowl.  Next weekend – my favorite vintage shopping once again at the Long Beach Flea Market (If I can drag myself out of bed early enough.) 
'Bye for Now,

BaronessVonVintage said...

I can't wait to go some time. In the mean-time, I'm eyeing your Modern Priscillas enviously :)

Anonymous said...

I too was wondering what cool bits are inside the mags.Maybe some time Dante and I can make it up to the Rose Bowl,although he might like too much stuff to be frugal...

Patricia Lynn said...

Frugality is hard to accomplish there, especially if you're doing it because you should, not because you absolutely have to.

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