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I had some pictures I wanted to scan just in case of some catastrophe, and I came across these photos of my mama.  You’ve already seen her once, when I made my pinafore dress, but since I did a little profile on my mama-in-law, I thought it only fair to show you my mama.

 My mama when she was 17 in 1944

Mama’s Background

Mama’s roots are in Oklahoma and Arkansas, but she also spent a lot of time in Louisiana, as my grandpa traveled a lot trying to find work.  You can see where my dark coloring comes from.  My grandpa was a full-blood Cherokee Indian.  Mama’s family never had a lot of money – they learned to live with very simple needs.  To this day, one of my favorite comfort foods is beans and cornbread, because that is what I grew up on.  It feeds a lot for very little money.
My mama didn’t finish school.  She had to quit so she could go to work to help support the family.  I have so much respect for my mama.  For awhile, after she divorced her first husband, she was supporting her five kids (before I was born) single-handed, working as a waitress in a doughnut shop.
Vintage pinafore dress
Vintage pinafore dress

My Cherokee grandpa

In all she had six children, with me being the best and last (smirk.)  And before I forget, here is a photo of what a handsome Cherokee looked like in the 40s.
Be sure to scan your precious photos and save them in case of any catastrophe.  Memories like this can’t be replaced.  My scans don’t look nearly as beautiful as the originals.  Hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane as much as I did.


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  1. wacky tacky says:

    Thanks for sharing these! I always say that it is so important to preserve family history, yet somehow, I forget to heed my own advice. I love the family photo with your mom, uncle, and grandparents; they look so happy!

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