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Abandoned for craps.  Yes, it is true.  Now, he only abandoned me for the evening.  He grabbed my hand on the way out and took me back to our hotel room.  But the craps table, she is a wicked lady and he couldn’t resist her charms.  This past Saturday marked the second Casino Moderne, sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.  A 20’s-era soiree with legal gaming, cocktails, and swinging music made for a stellar eve.
Los Angeles Athletic Club

Fortunately, in spite of my tragic abandonment, there were plenty of friends to chat the night away with.  The craps tables were hot, the gin flowed, and music filled the air.  I had hoped to make the roulette tables as I did last year, but I took pity on Husband and gave him my deco dollars so he could play more craps.  Alas, we won nothing with the tickets we earned, but it is all for a good cause.
Casino Moderne Casino Moderne Casino Moderne
Casino Moderne
Casino Moderne
Los Angeles Athletic Club
My dress I made following a gown I loved on Etsy, but could never have fitted in.  So handy little me whipped one up.  It is a lovely silk and lace number that flows beautifully and makes me feel absolutely lovely.  I think it looks so much like the original and you would never guess it was a me-made garment.

The Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Los Angeles Athletic Club, where the event was held, delights as a vintage venue.  Founded in 1880, it is still a working athletic club, with a hotel attached.As Husband and I were staying at the Athletic Club that night in one of their hotel rooms, it was also an easy way to drink all we wanted and then just fall in to bed.  But not before we went up to the rooftop and took lovely pictures of the Los Angeles skyline by night. Already looking forward to next year’s Casino Moderne festivities.
Los Angeles Athletic ClubLos Angeles Athletic Club
Los Angeles Athletic Club
Moon photo


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  1. Beth says:

    How fun! We were at the Air Raid, I do hope they fall on different days next year because I'd love to go to the Art Deco fundraiser.

  2. Lily says:

    Ah, what a gas that night was! I am already on the look out for a suitable pattern for next year.

  3. Nice blog,It is very interesting.Thanks for sharing.

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