March 28, 2012

15 married years.  My does the time fly.  I took Husband from his Mama when he was just 20 years old (at least that is when the dating commenced) and here we are – married 15 years and together 20.  Quite a milestone these days.  We are both saps when it comes to anniversaries.  We still celebrate our date-a-versary each year, as well as our wedding anniversary.  What can I say?  We like to celebrate and believe every year counts!

 As this was a milestone anniversary, we decided to do something a little special.  While we like to celebrate, we’ve never really gone away for our anniversary.  Our plans always get waylaid by Husband’s work.  But this year nothing would stop us.  We were going to have a romantic anniversary weekend.  With Little Man.  Yeah, romance with an eight-year old in tow.  Somehow the two don’t go together.  However, circumstances being what they were, it was either celebrate with him tagging along or forgo the trip.  So we said the more the merrier.  No steamy romance this trip, but a sweet old-fashioned outing.  Hot!

The Hotel del Coronado was our destination.  Built in 1888, this has been a romantic destination for the fashionable folks since it was created on an isthmus of jack rabbit-nurturing scrub brush.  Known as the filming location for “Some Like it Hot”, the idyllic hotel is a San Diego landmark.  Being the beach-loving gal that I am, I had to immediately go out to the ocean, as the hotel hugs the coastline.  From scrambling over rocks and playing in the surf, to hanging in the pool and roasting s’mores on the beach, we never left the hotel. 

 Quoth the Hawk, "I'm hired to chase seagulls away."

 They have a drink named after this elevator.
Our Hotel Del love-fest culminated in their famous Sunday brunch in the Crown Room, venue of presidential and royal visits, where two hours later we waddled out.  Tip - not sure if it is an everyday discount they provide or only in off seasons, but as hotel guests we received 25% off the brunch.

So happy anniversary to us and to all of you celebrating anniversaries of varying lengths and kinds, Cheers! 

'Bye for Now,

P.S. I got a Louis Vuitton purse for my anniversary present.  Score!
Lily said...

Oh, how lovely! Your sweet family is the perfect subject for Hotel Del photos! It sounds as though it was a glorious--if not exactly passionate--time. Happy Anniversary!

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