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Being in Los Angeles, I get to visit lots of beautiful places with lots of deco history.  Europe may have renaissance and baroque grace, but L.A. oozes moderne style.  Cocktails in Historic Places, sponsored by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, provides an opportunity for lovers of deco, or cocktails, or both to experience what many will never have an opportunity to do.  And it is all for free (not counting the cocktails – you’re on your own there.)  Who can say no?
Lady by Choice - Union Station
This month’s CHP took place in Union Station, a gorgeous train station built in 1939.  It is a blend of Spanish, Mission and Moderne styling, with terra cotta floors, stunning tile walls, gorgeous walnut counters, and ceilings reaching to the sky with a painted beam ceiling.  While retaining its delicious deco ambiance, it is a fully functional train station, serving Amtrak as well as the growing network of Metro train lines.  You may be asking yourself why you would have a cocktail in a train station.  It happens to have a great restaurant and bar, Traxx, and thus, we descended.
Lady by Choice - Union Station
Lady by Choice - Union Station
Lady by Choice - Union Station

Lady by Choice - Union Station

We were fortunate to be able to have Joan Renner, ADSLA member and blog owner of the Vintage Powder Room, give a tour of Union Station to our attendees, including going into areas normally forbidden to the public.

After the tour, we had a great dinner at Traxx, including a Flintstone-sized pork loin chop with mission fig polenta and fig balsamic.  Oh, my gosh, it was good.
 Jill of Tea with the Vintage Baroness
 Husband and Brian laughing over I don’t know what
Lady by Choice - Union Station
 Brian, Lily and I
Lady by Choice - Union Station
Even if you don’t need to catch a train, visit Union Station for deco inspiration and decadent food.
Union Station
800 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA


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  1. wacky tacky says:

    Union Station is so beautiful! For some reason, I'm always amazed and very pleased that it has survived "progress." Thanks for sharing your great photos!

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