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There are some places that just defy description.  The Gamble House is one of them.  And that is a shame, as I am not eloquent enough to describe it and they do not allow you to photograph the inside, so I can’t even show you.  As part of the Museums of the Arroyo Day, we chose to go to the Gamble House, one of the participating museums, as it is practically in my own back yard, though I rarely go.
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
The Gamble House was built in 1908 and is an exquisite example of Arts and Crafts design.  What makes it especially beautiful is not only that it is immaculately kept, with its polished wood and stained glass, but that many of the furnishings in the home today were built for the house by Green and Green with the architecture of the house in mind.  Curves of the furniture match the curves of the paneling and mantles, matching the curves of the light fixtures.  They all blend harmoniously together.  And while it is a huge house filled with wood, it doesn’t feel oppressive, but light and airy.  While I could take no photos of the interior, you can see lots of images at the Gamble House website.
On that special Museums of the Arroyo Sunday, the Gamble House wasn’t doing guided tours, but allowed you to wander from room to room at your own pace, with docents stationed in each room to give you an overview.  What a treat! No rush!  Of course, as I was wearing heels, I had to change out of my heels and into a pair of crochet granny slippers they provide so I wouldn’t mar the floors.  If you’re wearing street shoes, you just have to put on hospital booties.  But I got to pad about almost barefoot through the house.
Where we did get to take photographs was the exterior of the house, so we took full advantage of that.
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
Gamble House by Lady by Choice

What a wonderful place to fully immerse yourself in the experience. The Gamble House is a beautiful museum not to be missed.

Gamble House by Lady by Choice
Gamble House by Lady by Choice
The Gamble House
4 Westmoreland Place
Pasadena CA


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad someone made it.I had hoped to take advantage of the free museum admission for at least one of them,but ran out of time,as usual.

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