June 19, 2012

Last time I came out to visit my mother, I wanted to swing by Tulsa as I had heard there was a lot of moderne architecture in the city.  Indeed, Tulsa was host to the World Art Deco Congress in 2001.  Due to the oil boom in Tulsa in the 20th century, the city had a lot of money and the builders at the time spent lavishly on architecture.  The Tulsa Deco District in downtown has a plethora of beautiful buildings and did not disappoint.

My first stop was the Philcade Building, with its beautiful lobby designed in the shape of a "T" for Tulsa.  Little did I know that the fledgling Tulsa Art Deco Museum is a resident of the Philcade Building.  Consisting currently of mostly window displays in the lobby, with a small shop and displays in a little room, I was thrilled to stroll from window to window and view the deco objects they put on display.  But even without the displays, the lobby is jaw dropping gorgeous.  Even the elevators were lovely.

 After the Philcade Building, I walked around and inside numerous buildings downtown, including the Philtower, once the tallest building in Oklahoma; the Pythian Building; the Atlas Life Building, with its huge sculpture of Atlas supporting the world; and, while not downtown, the Boston Avenue Methodist Church.

 I look forward to visiting in the future and seeing what the Art Deco Museum has in store.  Now I have to stop writing and start working on Queen Mary Art Deco Fest planning.  I think I jumped in a little over my head there.

'Bye for Now,

wacky tacky said...

WOW! It almost doesn't look real; everything is so well-maintained. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Patricia Lynn said...

I think it is spooky as their downtown is unlike our downtown. Nobody is down there! I entered several lobbies and while you could hear activity in the businesses, there was no one walking around. But it makes for great photos.

Stacy Bronaugh said...

I stumbled onto your blog today and was thrilled with the beautiful photos you took of our art deco displays in the Philcade! Next time you're back in town, give us a holler and we'll give you a proper tour. We've added so much & would love to share it with you.

Patricia Lynn said...

Stacy, I will be in town in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll look you all up again.

Stacy Bronaugh said...

Wonderful! If you let us know, I'll make sure one of our volunteers are there to give you a tour;-)

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