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This weekend I did something unheard of.  I went out two nights in a row.  And I don’t mean out to dinner.  I mean stay up till the early morning hours stayed out.  I’m an old mama.  Am I allowed to do that?

Lady by Choice

 My Saturday dress was a 1950s (though when I bought it it was labeled as a 40s) sweater dress that I tarted out as a 30s ensemble.

Lady by Choice - scarab bracelet
See my pretty 1930s scarab bracelet.  Ignore the age spots.
We went out with friends to see a group that was highly recommended to us.  Vaud and the Villains, a 19 piece 1930s-style New Orleans orchestra and cabaret show were playing at Harvelle’s.  While they’re not strictly 1930s in their selections or look, they were without a doubt one of the best bands I’ve seen.  True performers, I had a grin on my face from the moment they began till their last set ended early in the morning.
Lady by Choice - Vaud and the Villains
Of course, I could have done without the scantily-clad interpretive dancing taking place in front of the stage by a member of the audience.  As my friend Kerri put it, that lady has a lot more confidence in that bra than I would.  If you ever get a chance to see them, you should definitely catch them.  While they’re usually in California, they do go on tour.  But if you want to catch them for free and you’re local to L.A., their calendar says they’re playing Saturday, August 4 in Pasadena.
Lady by Choice - Cicada
Sunday, we did the unheard of and went out again to the Cicada Club for a 1940s tribute to the troops with Dean Mora and his Orchestra.  I was enjoying the music when they introduced a young clarinet player to do a guest rendition of Moonglow.  Low and behold, I had just seen her the night before playing with Vaud and the Villains.
So I got a little dose of villainous music two nights in a row.
Lady by Choice - Cicada
Lady by Choice - Cicada
… Lempicka-ing,
Lady by Choice - Cicada
Lady by Choice - Cicada
 …Drinking rum and Coca-Cola,
Lady by Choice - Cicada
…and sucking it in.
Lots of fun.  Though I have to admit, two nights in a row was a bit much for my geezer sleep pattern, especially since I couldn’t sleep in late.
Lady by Choice - Cicada
But what can I say.  As Vaud would say, it’s your last chance to dance, get up, get on up.

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