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Another Queen Mary Art Deco Fest has come and gone.  I can’t believe the time went by so quickly.  Especially since my entire summer was spent prepping.  You heard it.  All summer.  Between sewing, repairing and the like, I had no time left.  But, I was happy I did, as I didn’t seem to be lacking anything truly important.  But what did I bring, you ask?  Everything but the kitchen sink.  Now, I am fortunate in that I am a local and can haul quite a bit to cover every likelihood. If I had to catch a plane, it would be a different matter.  However, since I have the luxury of space (which included 17 pieces of luggage, hat boxes, baskets and garment bags) I thought I would outline for you the basics of what we packed and why. I present to you my Queen Mary packing list.
Lady by Choice - Queen Mary packing list

I am a planner.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than to check something off of a list as being done.  So I put together a grid outlining all of the Fest events and what I would wear to them, including every handbag, shoe, belt, glove, hat, jewel, and coat I might wear with them.  Sounds like overkill, but with several events each day, and, for me, several changes of clothes a day, it is warranted.  Next I put on the list all of the other miscellaneous items I like to bring – food, beverage, underthings, cosmetics and hair product, things for my Little Man, and other such bits and pieces as would make my home away from home for four days more comfortable.  Some people bring much more than I do – picture frames, games, telephones and other things to make their room a true blast from the past.
To start off, I have all of my dresses.  I always bring a spare or two, including arrival and departure dresses, in case a seam blows or I sweat to death (as both happened this year.)  These are packed in garment bags, to minimize wrinkling.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
 Next comes all of the purses, gloves, handkerchiefs and other tidbits I’ll need to complete my ensembles.  No photos of the undergarments shall be posted on this lady’s site (wink.)  These and much of the other bits below go in several vintage suitcases.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
 Of course, what outfit would be complete without those exquisite bits of torture called shoes.  I only brought eight.  Some ladies have brought over 20.  They made my life hell, as I rarely wear heels, but what is a gal to do?
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
 Hats came next.  I didn’t wear as many as I thought I would, but they do set off an outfit perfectly and pull it all together.  Into the hatbox they go, so they are not crushed by anything else.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
Jewels, ah jewels.  I brought far more than I needed, but as it was, I forgot some of my pieces to matching ensembles.  The Fest is a splendid place to indulge your rhinestone fetish without looking like a trollop.  Pearls and celluloid for day, rhinestones for night.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
Because of aforementioned blown seams, I always bring a sewing kit, with thread in my dress colors, snaps, hooks, safety pins, needles, and other such bits and bobs.  I also bring replacement rhinestones and glue in case any of my rhinestone buckles or jewels decide to shed a mountains worth of stones.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
 I like to pack some alcohol, glasses, an ice bucket, and other cocktail fixings, as sometimes I enjoy a cocktail out of a real glass when I dress.  I also pack snacks (not shown, but all of which would have been found in the 30s) because I always seem to skip a meal or two as there is always so much to do.  All of these are packed in my little liquor case and a large picnic basket.
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival packing by Lady by Choice
 Because my son joins us on board for the last day, I must bring clothes and toys for him.  I pick vintage-styled toys to blend in with the surroundings.
 There are a few other things we bring, like makeup and hair supplies, a bonnet dryer, a vanity case with celluloid brushes and other grooming supplies, cameras, etc. but I think you get the gist now of what we bring.  Of course Husband brings his stuff as well, so all 17 pieces are not just taken up by me.  See, doesn’t all of that seem reasonable and necessary?
Next post – Friday at the Fest.

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  1. Debi says:

    ooohhh…such pretty lovelies! Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Debi. I know it seems like a lot of pieces of luggage, but not a lot fits in a vintage suitcase. They weigh a ton and you can't squeeze much in.

  2. Fashionista says:

    Patricia Lynn – you are a woman after my own heart. Lists, planning entire outfits, planning alternative outfits, it is part of the fun of packing. Why take one frock when there are three? And after all, a gal has to have options 😉
    Thank you for that peek into your Queen Mary adventure, I can't wait to see your outfit pictures from the event.

  3. My word, you if this is what you're taking with you (which is a nearly a whole wardrobe unto itself), I can only imagine (and daydream about) what your whole sublimely terrific closet and home must look like.

    Wishing you the most joyful and lovely of trips, dear lady!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. admin says:

    Why, thank you! I actually don't feel like I have a large wardrobe. Silly, I know, but much of what I've made before I wasn't happy with, so I wore it to get by for the event, but don't want to wear it again. What you see on the bed, plus a few other dresses, comprise what I consider to be my vintage wardrobe. I sew, and I used to think I sewed well, but I swear lately the more I sew the worse garments I seem to make. Thankfully, I've lucked out on some vintage garments that actually fit me. We'll see what I dredge up next!

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