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111.  Such a simple and yet complex little number.  You can take the year you were born in (only the last two digits, as in ’70), add your age and then (sometimes) add 1. The answer is 111. But I’m not talking parlor tricks this time.  This nasty little number was the temperature on our dashboard as we were driving to Ticket to the Twenties.  Ewww!

Ticket to the Twenties

The Grounds

In spite of the yuck-tastic weather, we had a marvelous time at this our third Ticket to the Twenties at the Homestead Museum.  My big debate was whether to go on Saturday, when Dean Mora and Janet Klein were playing, or Sunday, when my beloved Art Deco Society of Los Angeles was putting on a fashion show.  My choice was decided when Husband had to work on Sunday.  However, I do love music, so I likely would have chosen Saturday anyway.  Was I being a bad Art Deco Society of Los Angeles events committee member?  Actually, my biggest decision that day was whether to wear a girdle and stockings or not in the heat.  Propriety ruled the day.

Ticket to the Twenties
Ticket to the Twenties
Ticket to the Twenties
Ticket to the Twenties

Picnics and Music

I prepared a little picnic for us to enjoy while we listened to Dean Mora.  I resolved last year to picnic, and indeed I did.  I had to resort to cucumber sandwiches, as every other picnic sandwich I use is a “salad”-type sandwich with mayo in it.  Food poisoning in the heat does not make for an appealing picnic.  So with the sandwiches, a platter of salami and cheese, spiced madeleines, grapes, and Ritz crackers (more 30s than 20s, but there you have it) we lounged under the trees, closed our eyes, and listened to the music.

After listening to Dean Mora, we packed the picnic away and went to the back of the property.  It was time for Janet Klein to play.  Isn’t that a great lineup?  And I died admiring Janet’s cute dress.  Isn’t it adorable!  I see myself whipping my sewing machine out in the near future!

Janet Klein

But best of all I got to meet my blogging buddy, Mr. Wacky Tacky himself, Mr. Tiny and his sister Mary.  He had posted on Facebook he was listening to Janet Klein and I said I have to go find him!  And thus two blogging cronies finally met.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow,that's really hot!We hope to make it next year.This year I was working Saturday and Sunday we hit the Concours in P.V. for a bunch of awesome vintage cars Sunday and then Dante decided that was enough for one day.Especially in a suit…

  2. wacky tacky says:

    It was so great to finally meet you and your wonderful family in person. Oh, how I wish there was such a thing as a flattering picture of me; you, on the other hand, look great!!!

    • admin says:

      Pish posh! I spend far too much time in my photos sucking in my gut and turning just the right way so I don't look like an oak. You and Mary were so sweet. Look forward to listening to some tunes with you again. Better yet, let me know when y'all are playing!

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