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It isn’t often you get to attend the 90th anniversary of a landmark building. Especially one that was the home of the very first Hollywood premiere- Robin Hood featuring Douglas Fairbanks.  The Egyptian Theatre is a beautiful landmark in Los Angeles.  Influenced by the fascination with all things Egyptian at that time, including the 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb, it is a lovely building of Hollywood’s golden era.  Should the opportunity ever present itself, you must visit the venue and see its exotic history in person.
Egyptian Theatre Anniversary
I’ve shown you daylight photos of the Egyptian before, so we won’t focus on architecture we’ve covered.  We’ll look more at the evening’s antics.  The evening was packed with silent films, dancing, a fashion show, belly dancing, mystics, Middle Eastern food and cocktails.  We had a wonderful time and got to catch up with several friends that evening.
I loved the fashion show, as it not only highlighted some gorgeous attire, but also many of my friends.  Dressed as if they were attending the very first premiere, they all appeared as old silent film stars.  Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Anna Mae Wong, Clara Bow, and Barbara La Marr all made appearances, among many others.  I loved seeing my friends stroll about in their finery.  Of course, I camped about and joined in on the fun as well.  My modesty prevents me from showing the burlesque dancers.  They didn’t show anything naughty.  More hinted than anything else really.  But still, this is a family show.
Egyptian Theatre Anniversary
Egyptian Theatre Anniversary
Egyptian Theatre Anniversary
Egyptian Theatre Anniversary
Even if you couldn’t attend the event, you can go to the theatre and see classic films most days of the week and sit under the scarab that Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin sat under, so they say at the Egyptian.  It is a treat not to be forgotten.


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  1. SOOOOOOO wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting these pics, though.

  2. wacky tacky says:

    I love that theater. I so wanted to go, but I was cursed with the Alexandrian flu or something. Everybody looked great!!!

  3. What a swoon-worthily marvelous evening. I adore everyone's ensembles, very much including your gorgeous black dress and t-strap shoes. Timelessly chic and oh-so-beautiful indeed!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Hello,
    I just found your darling blog, and became your newest follower. Everything here is so pretty! I look forward to reading your future posts soon. I hope you are enjoying the countdown to Christmas.
    Chloe xx
    P.S. If you would like to discover more beautiful vintagness then be sure to check my blog and especially my shop which is crammed full of all types of bits and bobs from the past! 😀 xx

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