January 2, 2013

In looking through my photos from 2012, I was struck at first by a desire to delete them all.  Why?  My first reaction, like many I’ve read, was to say good riddance to 2012, hello to 2013.  But then I took a closer look at them.  What really happened to me in 2012?  Yes, some negative things happened, but was my entire year bad?  It seems that I tend to approach each year urgently wishing to put the past behind me.  But is that how I will want to look back on my life?  Will I, when I am older, look back on my years as a series of unfortunate events?  Or will I look back on my life as a life well lived?  So that is my resolution for 2013 – to stop focusing on the negative and rejoice in the positive.  So with that in mind, here is some of the positive…

May your new year bring you joy, adventure, peace and love.

'Bye for Now,

Lisa said...

I love, oh, ALL your outfits...that first photo in the moon is just AMAZING!

Patricia Lynn said...

Aw, thank you Lisa!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a stellar outlook on life! Rainy days will always come our way, but if you just dwell on them, you're apt to miss the sunny ones. Three cheers for embracing positivity in 2013, I'm with you there 100%!!!

♥ Jessica

May Loh said...

Lovely photographs! Wishing you a positively blessed 2013!

Gigi.T said...

nice photos and lovely blog! ^^

Do you want to follow each other? :)

xx ♥

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