February 16, 2013

I have changed much over the years.  I used to go everywhere alone and have no problem with it. Ballet, theater, parties.  Nothing stood in my way.  Now, I despise it.  It is no fun unless I can share it with Hubby Dearest.  That's what being with someone for 21 years may do to you.  Don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't change those years for the world.  I'd have just kept a little more of me in the process.  We had lined up our sitter for the evening and were prepared for a swell night out together.  But the flu took our sitter out.  Nooo!  Since we don’t have sitter backups, and I had one of the evening’s raffle prizes I had to get to the event, Hubby stayed home with the Little Man and I traipsed off to the Los Angeles Athletic Club.  Alone.  You’d think I was marching off to have my fingernails pulled out.  What happened to my fierce, independent self?!

Casino Moderne 1920s @ Lady by Choice

Casino Moderne 1920s @ Lady by Choice

Of course once I got there, all was well.  The evening was lovely, the venue gorgeous as always, and the friends were plentiful.  I have to break out of my shell more. 

 The gambling was plentiful

 The music divine

And the vice was rampant!

My little bag 

Do you have any social things you just don’t like doing?

'Bye for Now,

Lisa said...

I totally feel your pain...I've been trying to open up and go to the little vintage blogger meetups some girls in my community have (kindly) organized, but it truly feels weird to go out with my significant other! Before we started dating, I would go to stuff like that all the time on my own, but it feels like my solo social skills have atrophied a teensy bit since then! But, same as you, I usually defrost after a few minutes and have a just takes some adjusting.

Nevertheless, you look GORGEOUS in that dress, and I'm glad that once you got there, things warmed a little bit and you had fun! Also, I want that bag.

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a terrifically beautiful dress and bag. You truly look like you just stepped straight out of the 1920s.

♥ Jessica

Patricia Lynn said...

Why thank you! It is a challenge, but pushing yourself can be worth it. Of course sometimes I just feel like a bump on a log.

Patricia Lynn said...

Thank you! That dress is an oldie (not vintage, but worn many times), but a goodie.

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