May 27, 2013

Do you have one of those events that you look forward to each year?  The Avalon Ball is one of those events for me.  On Catalina Island in the gorgeous Casino, you can swirl around the dance floor like they've done for over 80 years.  While last year we could only go for the ball, this year we actually made a weekend of it.  Well, most of a weekend of it.  As Sunday was Mother’s Day, and my little man was spending the weekend with grandma, I left early to spend Mother’s Day to be, surprise, a mother with my little boy.  But I digress.  While the weekend events included a Cocktails in Historic Places, the Silent Film Benefit, and the Avalon Ball, we had to miss the Descanso Beach Party.  It was on Mother's Day, but also me+bathing suit = not on your life.  I’ll have to break this trip up into three posts because, well, you know, I’m a photo-loving gal (that's polite lady talk for photo whore.)

Catalina Island Casino Avalon 1930s

Catalina Island Casino Avalon
...and my man

Friday we caught the afternoon boat in Long Beach and sailed into Avalon Harbor, just in time to attend the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles Cocktails in Historic Places, this one at the Avalon Grille. 

 Michael, Cait, Annamarie, and moi

Ladies of the ADSLA Events Committee represent!

Catalina Island Casino Avalon

Catalina Island Casino Avalon
Strolling around the Casino after dark to catch the dramatic and very different view.

On Saturday morning we rented a golf cart (Avalon doesn't have many cars; there is a long wait list to import a car from the mainland) so most folks get around in golf carts.  While Avalon isn't that big, to go see some of the more panoramic places, it’s easier on the toes to be lazy.  Along the way, we stopped by a sweet little pet cemetery on the side of the road.  No crazy kitties came back to life here.

Catalina Island Pet Cemetery

At last we were at the view by the Inn on Mount Ada and took in the gorgeous little town of Avalon.  

Catalina Island Casino Avalon harbor

1930s dress Catalina Island
 Um, am I a giant or what?

Catalina Island Casino Avalon 1930s dress
A nice view of my little tribble hat (No, they’re not real tribbles, silly.  They’re just mink balls) from my friend Jill’s shop Adeline’s Attic Vintage.

Catalina Island Casino Avalon 1930s dress harbor
My best Mr. Tiny impression.

We then ventured to the other side of Avalon to see the other panoramic view, but I shall refrain and only show you the lovely bell tower.  When you are in Avalon you always hear these bells chime the hour throughout the town.

Catalina Island Avalon

While we waited for the Catalina Island Museum Silent Film Benefit to begin, we strolled around Avalon a little more.  There is lots of lovely Catalina tile to be seen.

Catalina island tile 1920s dress

Catalina Island Avalon Casino tile fountain

There are kitschy shops galore with touristy things.  I thought I rocked this bikini, don’t you?  You can’t see in this photo, but it sported a real metal belly button ring.

And that brings us to the Silent Film Festival.  Oh, wait (yawn), I’m getting tired.  I think I’ll post about that tomorrow.  (I'm not a tease, really.  It is after midnight as I post this.) ‘Til then… 

'Bye for Now,