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So sorry it has been awhile since I last posted.  While I fully admit there was a little laziness involved, we actually had some serious health issues to deal with with my husband.  Fortunately, those are resolving themselves and I can move on to more fun thoughts, such as blog posting!
Vintage Beach Party

Today we spent a sunny, bright afternoon celebrating our friend Heidi’s birthday at Hermosa Beach.  It was great lounging in the sun (though I have a sunburn to show for it), playing with our little man, chatting and enjoying the day. Heidi and her hubby are so fortunate to live close to the beach.  I’m not quite sure what I viewed as I was poking my toes in, but it may have been a sting ray.  So happy no one stepped on one, or that would have been nasty.
I love the beach and listening to the waves.  I would be hard pressed to decide between mountains and beach.  Something about the beach fills my soul and makes me happy.  Yes, you come away sticky and salty, with sand everywhere.  However, staring into the waves, searching for sea life, and feeling the wind make for the perfect day.
Vintage Beach Party Vintage Beach Party Vintage Beach PartyVintage Beach Party Vintage Beach Party
I wore the beach pajamas I made for the Art Deco Festival, though I didn’t get a pic when I originally wore them.  Boy howdy!  My massive pants were blowing so much in the wind, I felt like I looked like a hood ornament.  I used the Wearing History pattern as my base.  However, as I had to size it up, it didn’t translate and needed quite a bit of fussing.
I’m working on a post about my recent trip to Maui, where hubby recuperated, but in the meantime you can see some pictures on my Instagram account.  Ta ta, my loves, until we next chat!

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  1. tubby3pug says:

    I am so sorry to hear your husband was not well. I saw your blog on Tea With the Vintage Baroness and I just love the look of all your pictures, the 1930s are my favorite decade. These beach shots remind me of an episode of Poirot.

    Kate The Old Fashioned Way

  2. admin says:

    Thank you. It is so nice to see him much better. The 30s are my favorite era as well.

  3. Pinky Honey says:

    You had a great time, didn't you?
    The picturesdon't lie. 😀

    Wish your friend a Happy Birhday for me, wiil you, dear?

    (from http://ruzicastapinkidusica.blogspot.com/)

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