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Hello all.  I know, it has been a millennium.  Truth is, I had a rather quiet summer, vintage-speaking. We went to Disney World, but those photos are a bit more modern.  But Labor Day approached and we of course had to bring 14 pieces of luggage and containers so we could enjoy our annual jaunt to the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival. What a lovely getaway that we look forward to each year.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

If you don’t know about the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival, you can read about my coverage from 2010, three posts from 2011 and 2012, and one lonely post from 2013.  This was my fifth year attending, and was the 10th anniversary of the Festival.  It is nice to think I’ve been to half of them.  For the 10th anniversary, they spread the programming out a bit.  Guests could spend more time on the ship.

Friday – Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

We arrived bright and early on Friday morning so we could attend the first lecture.  Well, we tried to at least.  We failed on that attempt and, after getting our festival packet, arrived for the end of the first lecture.  Boo.  Friday I dressed in my attempt at a 1930s tourist, with a 1930s Hungarian peasant blouse made of a rayon chiffon.  I matched it with a blue skirt made by me from a 30s pattern and a large 30s picture hat purchased in a vintage shop in Old Town Orange.  I combined them all with mother of pearl jewelry from Jerusalem and my charm bracelet showing many of my actual travels, and I felt quite the worldly traveler.

After another lecture, we were still waiting on our room to be ready, so we trotted off to tea and, wouldn’t you know it, got the message the room was finally ready.  By the time we got our key to our disappointingly small room on M deck and were unpacked, it was time to dress for the Cocktails in Historic Places at the Verandah Grill. No time to tweak my hair or makeup, just time to throw on a dress and bolt.  Dress was from eBay.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

After Cocktails it was time for the third costume change for the day for the Deco Derby and Pajama Jam.  This year was a combo format from year’s prior, with the guests being able to race the horses and sell the tickets as they had in earlier years, and the live band from last year for those who enjoy dancing. I know there were many who wanted the complimentary desserts that used to be part of the old format.  However, the live band was nice and I could have all the coffee or tea I wanted to try and stay awake. Paul raced one of the horses, but betting on him proved a loss for me.  The second race, I won and unlike in a prior year when I won, everyone with the winning number got a prize.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

My ensemble for this party consisted of 1920s silk pajamas with embroidery from eBay and a tissue silk 1920s robe from Alice Blue Gown Vintage Clothing.

Saturday – Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

The next day’s series of lectures found me in an early 1930s brown and ivory floral print silk dress from Concetta’s Closet.   Interestingly, a socialite from Nashua, New Hampshire once owned the gown.  I loved wearing this ensemble.  Hat was straw from FabGabs. Vintage-style glasses are completely modern from Urban Outfitters.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

After the lectures it was time for a new event to the deco roundup – Gatsby Daze.  This was a “lawn party” on the deck of the Queen Mary.  Ginger Pauley entertained the guests with music, which was wonderful as she is a very talented performer.  All agreed the event needed more shade and more seating.  However, the ship learned a lot from this attempt.  If it happens again next year, I’m sure it will be improved upon.  I didn’t change, but many ladies changed ensembles. Sara Klotz de Aguilar, who also performed, had a fabulous 20s silk ensemble that matched the Queen Mary colors.  Her parasol came from the 1933 Chicago “Century of Progress” world’s fair.  Doesn’t she look fabulous!

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

After the lawn party it was time to prepare for the ball.  While I attempted to take a nap before the ball, it takes a lot of hair pins to make my hair look short.  Carefully laying my head on my pillow after fixing it feels like sleeping on a porcupine. Unfortunately, no rest for me.

Alas, my gown for the evening was a made-by-me rayon gown from 2012 – no time to make something new. Never the less, we fox-trotted the night away during the delightful evening.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

After the ball we ventured off to the recreation of the Starlight Lounge in the Verandah Grill for more socializing. Alas, we then off to bed, no room parties for me.  This old lady needs her beauty sleep!

Sunday – Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Sunday I wore a navy made-by-me ensemble from 2012 for the lectures. The afternoon found me in an early 1930s made-by-me silk chiffon dress for the tea dance.  Oh, the stories of frustration I could tell you about this dress.  Maybe I shall regale you with them another time.  Please tell me why I keep putting my hand on my hip.  I look like I have meat-packer hands. Very inelegant.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

For dinner with some friends of mine who don’t generally come to vintage events (have I won converts?) I wore a 1930s dress purchased from Charlotte Del Rose.  I made a little silk dickie to fill in the neckline.  Therefore it helped match the hat with a peacock blue feather I purchased at last year’s festival from Vintage Blue Moon.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Whew, that was a busy three days!  Are you planning on coming to next year’s festival?  I hope to see you there!


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  1. Fashionista says:

    Welcome Back! Love your variety of ensembles, you look so gorgeous. And so many of them are me-made, I am in envy of your talents.

  2. tubby3pug says:

    In every image you look smashing

    retro rover

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