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Yamashiro is a restaurant high on a hill in Hollywood, overlooking Los Angeles.

Yamashiro's Restaurant

Meaning “Mountain Palace” in Japanese, it serves Cal-Asian fare.  While its roots as a restaurant only reach back mid-century, it has a long and varied history in Los Angeles, beginning in 1914.

Originally a mansion, it was build to recreate a palace near Kyoto, Japan.  After one of the original owners died, it was converted in the 1920s to the “400 Club” for Hollywood movers and shakers.  During World War II, as anti-Japanese sentiment was at its height and Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps, Yamashiro was disguised and converted into a boys’ military school and, post-war, then changed into apartment units.

Yamashiro's Restaurant

Falling in to disrepair, the estate was again sold and, upon discovering the boarded-up beauty behind the plywood was opened and, over time, Yamashiro the restaurant was born.

Yamashiro's Restaurant


Yamashiro's Restaurant


Yamashiro's Restaurant

A beautiful, romantic gem, it serves delicious fare and elegant cocktails.  I’ve dined here twice and it is a treat each time.  It has also served as a location for the Art Deco Society’s Cocktails in Historic Places.

Yamashiro's Restaurant Buddha


Yamashiro's Restaurant

1999 N. Sycamore Avenue
Hollywood, CA


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  1. Mr. Tiny says:

    I've always wanted to go here butbhavebyet to find the occasion! I heard that it is currently for sale; hopefully, it stays this beautiful. Thanks for the pictures!

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