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My husband and I have never been much to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’ve usually been busy, or it will fall on a weeknight.  Alas, a romantic night out has been out of the question. However, this year the stars aligned.  Not only did Valentine’s Day fall on a Saturday, but there also happened to be a fabulous event that evening as well. While I’ll tell you about the event at the Ebell in the next post, this one will feature where we went to dinner – Musso and Frank.
Musso and Frank in Hollywood

The Ebell event had a dinner component to it, but I went last year and wanted to do something a little different this year. Therefore, we chose Musso and Frank, which is just a few miles away from the Ebell.  Musso and Frank, established in 1919, is the oldest restaurant in Hollywood and is well known for its celebrity and literary roots.  Want to dine in Charlie Chaplin’s booth? That can happen.  Want to dine on Greta Garbo breakfast favorites? That is do-able as well. Originally known as Frank’s Café, this Hollywood staple serves many of the same classics today that it served back in the day.  Back when I chatted about Musso and Frank in this post, I had the Welsh rarebit.  This time, I had a Caesar salad (you could taste the anchovies, but not overwhelmingly so), classic filet mignon, with Lyonnaise potatoes.  Paul had the pumpkin ravioli.  For dessert, I had the crème brulee (hey it was Valentine’s Day!) and Paul had the key lime pie.  Truly, we could have gotten one dessert as they are definitely built for two.  And of course, dinner couldn’t be complete without a delicious Sidecar cocktail.
Musso and Frank in Hollywood
Musso and Frank in Hollywood
Musso and Frank in Hollywood
Musso and Frank in Hollywood
Musso and Frank
6667 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA
The evening was lovely and romantic.  We were just a little overdressed, compared to the other patrons.  A made-by-me 30s gown, which I may chat about in another post.
Musso and Frank in Hollywood
Next on the evening’s agenda? The Ebell!


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