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Another year passed and another lovely evening at Casino Moderne logged in the diary. For those who haven’t read this post (or this one), the Los Angeles Art Deco Society (ADSLA to you and me) hosts this annual fundraiser.  With a flair for the 20s and seedy, Boardwalk Empire-style shenanigans, we gather every year to “gamble”, eat, drink and be merry. This year, lucky old me won a gift certificate to Art du Vin, a divine wine bar in Long Beach, and tickets to the Art Theatre.

Casino Moderne

 Los Angeles Athletic Club

As in past years, the event was held at the beautiful Los Angeles Athletic Club, a private athletic facility and hotel built in 1912, that was once patronized by Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin,  Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and Duke Kahanamoku.  The venue isn’t just for events.  It features athletic facilities that its members can enjoy year round, just like your local gym.  However, the environment shines in ways your local club gym cannot match.  The indoor swimming pool is a work of art.  I stayed at the facility once and, as a hotel guest, could have used the pool.  However, we had to rush off.  What a missed opportunity for me.  I need to learn to stop and enjoy my surroundings.  Ah, the life of a parent.

There was “gambling” aplenty.  It is fun to pretend when you can’t go to Las Vegas and do the real thing.

Casino Moderne Casino Moderne Casino Moderne  Casino Moderne

While my dress was old, I felt young at heart again.  No new frocks for me, but I don’t need to be seen in a new dress at each event.  There are some who wouldn’t be caught dead at a vintage event wearing a dress they’d been photographed in before.

At the end of the evening, we always enjoy slipping up to the rooftop to view the gorgeous Los Angeles skyline.

Los Angeles Athletic Club skyline
Los Angeles Athletic Club skyline
Los Angeles Athletic Club skyline

So looking forward to Casino Moderne next year.


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    Beautiful and live your hair
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