Comin' In On a Wing And a Prayer - the Lyon Air Museum

September 23, 2015

As I mentioned in my last post about the lovely Duesenbergs that were on temporary display, the excellent Lyon Air Museum has much to offer the aviation and military history buff.
Douglas C47

Located in Santa Ana in a large hanger, the museum is home to several World War II planes and vehicles, ranging from sidecar motorcycles on the smaller end to the majestic B-17 Flying Fortress on the larger end of the spectrum.

Boeing B17 Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress", which once carried General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Douglas DC3

Douglas DC3

Douglas DC-3 "Flagship Orange County", which began its life as a troop plane in WWII before it became a passenger plane

Douglas A26 Invader

Douglas A-26 "Invader" - Howard Hughes supposedly flew this plane, which is currently painted in Korean War colors.  I love planes with faces.

North American AT6

North American AT-6/SNJ-6

In addition to planes, the museum hosts several motor vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, jeeps and cars.

Probably the most infamous car in the collection is one with a dark European past.  One of Adolph Hitler's many cars, a Mercedes Benz G4 touring wagon used by him in Ober Salzberg, Berlin and Poland is on display.  You can see the front seat folded up and can imagine him standing there as he sped by adoring crowds on parade.

Hitler Mercedes Benz Car

Hitler Mercedes Benz Car

There are also cases with artifacts within.

As with the Duesenbergs, there are lovely details to observe.

The museum makes for a fascinating afternoon (though go on a cool day as there is little ventilation in the hanger) and one any military history aficionado would enjoy.

Lyon Air Museum
19300 Ike Jones Road
Santa Ana, CA

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