Valentino's Vintage - A Hollywood Auction Treasure Trove

February 4, 2016

Living in Los Angeles, you are exposed to a lot of movie history.  Sometimes, you can take a bit of that history home with you.  While I didn't make any purchases this time around, as I did when I bought Greta Garbo's green vases, I did enjoy strolling around the November Julien's Auctions display of items from their sale Property From the Golden Closet Archive.

Rudolph Valentino Hollywood Auction

Of course, this is but a small fragment of the 429 items for sale.  However, it was a fun and interesting jaunt through Hollywood history, with some items dripping with Hollywood legend.

Hollywood Auction Cat Woman Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer's "Batman Returns" Cat Woman Cowl (sold for $5,120)

Hollywood Auction Elizabeth Taylor Suit
Elizabeth Taylor's suit from "Malice in Wonderland" (unsold)

Hollywood Auction Orson Welles Citizen Kane Suit
Orson Welles' 1930s chalk stripe "Citizen Kane" Suit (sold for $25,600)

Hollywood Auction Mad Men dresses
January Jones' "Mad Men" dresses - chiffon polka dot dress (unsold) and rose print sun dress (sold for $1,280)

Hollywood Auction Mad Men dress suit
Christina Hendricks Rolling Stone Cover Dress (sold for $3,840) and John Hamm's "Mad Men" suit (sold for $2,500)

Hollywood Auction Blues Brothers Ray Ban Sunglasses
"Blues Brothers" Ray Bans (sold for $4,160), but they were not worn in the final version of the film

Hollywood Auction Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra props
 Props from the Elizabeth Taylor version of "Cleopatra", individually sold for between $896 and $3,520

Hollywood Auction Ten Commandments props
 Charleton Heston's headpiece from "The Ten Commandments" (sold for $25,600), not to be confused with another film of the same name...

Hollywood Auction Ten Commandments costume
 Schenti from the 1923 Cecil B. Demille version of "The Ten Commandments" (sold for $1,024)

Hollywood Auction dress 1950s
Ivory satin dress labeled Majorie Malone, which went unsold

Hollywood Auction dress Maureen O'Sullivan Ruth Roman
Maureen O'Sullivan's dress from "All I Desire" (unsold) and Ruth Roman's dress from "The Far Country" (sold for $896)

Hollywood Auction dresses Ann Blyth Yvonne de Carlo
Ann Blyth's dress from "The World in His Arms" (sold for $1,152) and Yvonne de Carlo's dress from "Scarlet Angel" (sold for $1,024)

Hollywood Auction dress Yvonne de Carlo
 Yvonne de Carlo's dress from "Black Bart" (sold for $1,152)

Hollywood Auction dress Barbara Stanwyck
 Barbara Stanwyck's dress from "The Big Valley" (sold for $2,500)

Hollywood Auction dress Patrick Swayze To Wong Foo
Patrick Swayze's '20s ensemble from "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar" (unsold)

and the piece de resistance...

Hollywood Auction Rudolph Valentino suit of lights matador

Rudolph Valentino's suit of lights, which is the outfit worn by bullfighters, worn in his film "Blood and Sand", which sold for $51,200. This was the real reason I came as I wanted to see it in person and up close.  It was designed by Travis Banton.

What a delightful afternoon spent among the stars. You can check out the Julien's Auctions website and see upcoming auctions that you too can visit prior to sale.  And you never know, you might find a little treat for yourself!

Until next time,

Porcelina said...

What a fascinating experience attending these movie auctions must be! Thank you for sharing x

Patricia Lynn said...

Thank you, Porcelina. It is a treat to get to see artifacts of Hollywood history.

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