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Lady by Choice is a vintage-inspired fashion and lifestyle blog chronicling the adventures of me, Tricia Lippert, a Los Angeles native. In a city known for its vintage charm, history, and social scene, Lady by Choice offers a modern twist, highlighting not only the architecture and urban renaissance of vintage L.A., but also the nostalgic culture, fashion, dining, and beauty of the era.  Most recently I began incorporating vintage into every day looks.


I began blogging in 2010 to be a diary of sorts for myself – to track my exploits and projects, and give myself a chance to share with whomever cared to read a little bit of my love for vintage and the deco era, especially in Los Angeles.  I needed a place to say the words moderne and girdle and not have anyone look at me with a groomed, raised eyebrow (though if they were really well-groomed, I’d probably ask about their waxer.)

You know those times when you experience something great, turn to the person next to you, look at them, and hope they experienced the same thing you did?  Well, that is what I’m talking about.  I want to share my experiences.  So I’m sharing with you.

I’ve been interested in vintage since high school, and have on occasion, taken it a bit more seriously than others. My love is especially of the 20s and 30s, but 40s and 50s are swell too.  It helps that my son is older and I don’t have to deal with vintage clothes and leaking diapers anymore.  Nothing as sexy as a snot line right around your knees to squash that vintage allure.

I’m venturing more in to exploring ways to incorporate vintage into my modern life and not saving it for just the weekends.

I live in a sweet little ’20s storybook cottage in a historic neighborhood and enjoy enhancing my little abode to honor its 90-year old past.


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