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How does one begin a blog?  By letting those on the outside see a peek of your stunningly put together and well-developed life, providing inspiration to all?  Or letting folks watch you stumble along, learn and hope you get it right once in a while?  Since you would be waiting for an awfully long time for the former to happen, I think I’ll stick with the later.
Lady by Choice Blog

Who I am and What I’m not
I’m not young.  I’m not trendy.  I wouldn’t say that fashionable would exactly describe me.  I don’t go out on weeknights.  A night on the town involves a babysitter.  Liquid eyeliner winds up looking like Morse code on my crepey eyelids.  And I have a squishy middle that is impossible to squish into most vintage fashions that don’t involve the word muumuu.
But I live in a great town in a 1924 cottage, have a fabulous son, and a great love for all things vintage.  I can’t be the only 40-something who likes to dress up on the weekend, right?  So I bit the bullet.  And thus this blog was born.
Lady by Choice Blog
Lady by Choice Blog

I stressed for awhile.  There are so many stunning vintage blogs that I follow, how could I possibly compare?  I won’t try.  They’re all younger, cuter, and with much larger vintage wardrobes than I.  I have a mortgage and private school to pay for.  Not a lot of extra cash laying around to buy an armload of Bakelite bangles, though I secretly wish my future lotto winnings will come sooner rather than later so I can start.

Why Lady By Choice?  Anyone who dresses vintage can answer that one.  Everyone asks you if you’re going out, in a play, going to a wedding.  Skirts and heels nowadays equal fancy attire.  So I choose to stand out; I choose to be dressy; I choose to be a lady.  While no one may read this, it will be my own little diary of sorts that I hope to look back on now and again and will hopefully say after awhile, not bad, Broad.


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