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Well, not really.  With a 7-year old in tow you can’t get in to too much trouble.  But wanted to do something fun that I could entertain my Little Man with.  So we trotted down to the darling little Arroyo Seco Miniature Golf Course.

Mini Golf.  Ohhh, I know you wish you were me.  It is actually really charming – not like the mini golf places you are likely used to seeing.
Looks like something from the 1960s.  And at $2 for nine holes, it can’t be beat for a little fun.  It used to be a little sketchy, with torn up greens.  But they recently laid new turf on the course so it was much nicer.
The impossible to shoot “Ant Hill” makes me curse every time.  And a stop at the tasty burger diner with delish burgers and shakes tops it all off.  Not a bad little afternoon jaunt, with not a Dance Dance Revolution video game, go-cart or batting cage in sight.
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