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I’ve slowly been emerging from my funk following my brother’s death.  The holidays were hard, trying to have fun for my son, but not really in the mood.  But Christmas was my brother’s favorite holiday – he always made a big deal over it.  So I tried my best to put on a stiff upper lip and honor the holidays as he would want us to.  Family meant so much to him and I did enjoy and cherish the weeks I got to spend with my Little Man and tell he and my Hubby Dearest how much I love them every day.  No taking that for granted any more.
We ventured out to Hollywood to go to the Hollywood Museum, housed in the old Max Factor Building.  While there were fun movie props and sets, from Hannibal Lecter’s cell from Silence of the Lambs, to props and gowns from Moulin Rouge, to costumes from one of my favorite TV shows Glee, it was the first floor that was my favorite.  This floor is mostly reserved to honor the origins of the building – makeup and beauty.  As this was where Max Factor worked his magic creating a makeup dynasty, the restored Art Deco first floor is a Mecca of beauty artifacts.  Makeup, vanity items and photos from of Hollywood’s greatest beauties.  As I love vintage beauty items, it was fascinating to see authentic cosmetics, beauty items and paraphernalia.  Take a peek.
vintage makeup hollywood museum

vintage makeup hollywood museum max factor
vintage makeup max factor hollywood museumvintage makeup max factor hollywood museum I believe these were Mae West’s
vintage makeup max factor hollywood museum
vintage makeup hollywood museum max factor
 Rita Hayworth’s vanity set
vintage makeup hollywood museum max factor
 Marilyn Monroe’s personal makeup case
vintage makeup hollywood museum max factor
Marilyn’s makeup
As I only had my point and click, and there is no flash allowed, my photos are rather poo-like, but I love them just the same.  I definitely recommend this classic museum if you are at all interested in vintage makeup and Hollywood history.

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