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In Hollywood resides a fantastic museum – the Hollywood Museum.  Film history buffs love and appreciate this bit of old Hollywood.  Located in the old Max Factor Building, the museum features an extensive collection of Hollywood memorabilia.
Marilyn Monroe makeup

1920s dress
Joan Crawford's coat

1930s evening gown
evening gown

Wizard of Oz ruby slippers

The upper floors housed movie props and costumes.  However, the first floor that was my favorite.  This floor is mostly reserved to honor the origins of the building – makeup and beauty.  Max Factor worked his magic creating a makeup dynasty here.  As such, the restored Art Deco first floor is a Mecca of beauty artifacts.  Throughout, within display cases, makeup, vanity items and photos from of Hollywood’s greatest beauties abounded.  Each room was tailored to whether the actor was a blonde, brunette or redhead.

vintage Hollywood makeupMae West makeup vintage Hollywood makeup Joan Crawford makeup Joan Crawford makeup vintage Hollywood makeup vintage Hollywood makeup vintage Hollywood makeup vintage Hollywood makeup vintage Hollywood makeup Rita Hayworth vanity case

As I love vintage beauty items, it was fascinating to see authentic cosmetics, beauty items and paraphernalia.  It is one thing to see items for sale that a collector can purchase.  I have several pieces of old makeup and hair items myself from the 1920s and 1930s.  It is another to see so many well cared for items gathered in one location.  Each case, tube and lash thrilled.  I could imagine sitting at the vanity for brunettes applying my makeup.

Among celebrities featured in the collection included Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, and Rita Hayworth, among others.
Alas, the museum forbids flash photography and my photos lack clarity.  However, I love them just the same.  In fact, I recommend this classic museum.  The collection of vintage makeup and Hollywood history delights.

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