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While my weekend was nothing to write home about – rain always has a way of putting a damper on my spirits, it was redeemed by a trip to a little joint down in South Pasadena.  I had a mean craving for barbecue this weekend.  Since I’ve been trying to visit vintage restaurants and try them all out, I thought we would swing down to Gus’ Barbecue.

vintage restaurant bbq gus

Opened in 1946, it is remodeled, but still has a vintage charm, with classic photos of South Pasadena blown up on the walls.  And who cares if it is remodeled anyway, what with their yummy food.

vintage bbq gus pasadena
A close-up of a photo hanging on the wall at Gus’
I had the Carolina style pulled pork with baked beans and macaroni and cheese – I of course committed sacrilege by putting Kansas City-style bbq sauce on it.   Just the right amount of spice for me.  Hubby Dearest had Gus’ Famous Burger.   I swear that thing must have been over 4” tall.  I must come again, as I do love me a good barbecue meal every now and then, even though I don’t eat as much meat as I used to.

vintage bbq gus pasadena
Me and Little Man getting ready to chow down

Now you may be thinking to yourself, this girl must be getting a little something for mentioning all these places in her posts.  Nope.   Just trying to be helpful.  I have scoured the internet in search of fun vintage-type places to go and have relied on the generous natures of bloggers and website aficionados who have already done a great job talking about all things vintage, in L.A. and beyond.  I’m just putting a newbie’s spin on what is out there.

Next time I think I may post on some of my recent finds at the Long Beach Antique & Collectible Flea Market.



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