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I’m a snoop.  I’m not a gossip, just a snoop.  I love seeing little insights into people’s lives.  Nothing that would spell tragedy for anyone. I don’t need to know your terminal diseases, your relationship problems, or anything that would cause anyone pain.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind you posting on Facebook or Twitter where you’re checking in at, what you’re watching tonight on t.v., or what you are cooking for dinner.  If you share on Facebook you’re at a restaurant, I might think, hmm, I may have to try that one, they’re there a lot or I didn’t know she wore that lipstick.

Several times on the Fedora Lounge people have revived a thread asking about the contents of their handbag.  Well, in the interest of sharing, I thought I’d reveal the contents of my vintage bag (vs. everyday bag) so you can snoop into my life too.

In My Vintage Bag

My everyday bag is boring and very utilitarian.  Nothing very revealing to be seen there.  I bring the same bag every day because I’m too lazy to switch it out.  But my weekend bag is another matter.  Since I only do vintage on weekends, this is the time for me to play and explore.  I coordinate my bag to what I’m wearing, both in color and era.  The contents of my vintage bag remain, however, pretty consistent.  I just transfer the contents from one purse to the other.

What’s in my Bag

Below are the usual contents for my vintage bag.

They include:

– Coin purse
– Cigarette holder – I use it for holding credit cards and cash
– Sun glasses
– Lipstick – in this case Besame American Beauty
– Nail cleaner
– Emery board and case
– Comb
– Compact
– Handkerchief
– Chowards lemon candy
– Clove gum
– Silver tin I’ve melted beeswax and essential oil in for my on the go perfume
– Hair pins
– Stocking mending kit – I don’t use it, I just think it is adorable
– Iphone (not seen in the photo, but always with me – gotta have a little modernity)
– Sewing kit

My handkerchief is not used for what you may think.  I don’t use it for Kleenex.  I actually use it for itches.  Itches?!  When I wear vintage, I’ll sometimes include gloves.  It is amazing, I’ve found, how often I touch my face in the course of a day.  Depending on which study you read, you touch your face on average 16 times an hour.  When you’re wearing vintage gloves and don’t want to muck them up with makeup, this can become a real issue, as removing them each time you get an itch is bothersome.  My thought process usually runs through this dialogue when I have an itch.

“Oh man, my cheek itches.  Whoops, almost touched my face with my gloves.  Better remove them.  (peels off gloves and scratches itch, then puts gloves back on).  There, that is better…Ugh, my cheek is still itching.  I’m going to ignore it this time.  I’m ignoring it.  Really, I’m ignoring it.  Ow, my girdle is digging in to me.  I’m ignoring it.  Squirrel!  Wait, I’m not a dog, that doesn’t work.  Oh my God, I can’t stand it.  I will not touch my face.  I…will…not…touch…my…face!  My face will be subject to roaring pimples if I touch it.  I will get untold diseases if I touch my face.  I will flog myself with a cat-o-nine tails if I give in!  Oh, bother, off come the gloves (itches itch and puts gloves back on.)  Oh my gosh, what a relief…Bugger, now my nose itches.”

Sewing Kit

My sewing kit is invaluable for those inevitable blow-outs you sometimes experience when wearing vintage.  Nothing a little needle, thread and safety pin can’t handle.  It’s nice knowing you’ve got the peace of mind in your purse rather than fretting your seam is going to bust open and reveal your unmentionables, and needing to leave wherever you’re at in a hurry, blushing in embarrassment.

If that isn’t a sneak peak into the inner thoughts of a lady, I don’t know what is.  To alleviate all of this back and forth of putting on and taking off your gloves, I just grab my hankie and make some random poorly-veiled swipes at my face so I don’t look like my faux-Rhodesian Ridgeback with a case of the mange.  I like to say it looks a little more proper, but I could be delusional.

So, those are the contents of my little purse.  What’s in your wallet?


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4 responses to “WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET? MY PURSE”

  1. Lily says:

    Drivers license and debit card–always. Usually a compact with powder. Red lipstick–another must have! Liner pencil is often in there. iPhone. Fountain pen. Calling cards. Checkbook (just in case, purse/clutch-size permitting). Come to think of it, I usually have at least two shades of red lipstick. Oh, and sunglasses.

  2. Retro Chick says:

    I did one of these posts a while back! I'm one of those nosey people too!

    I love your compact by the way, it's gorgeous.

  3. Miss Matilda says:

    love this post xx

  4. iPad Mini Cover says:

    So chiic

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