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My goodness, it seems like forever since I’ve written.  I’ve been very busy, vacationing (which I’ll write about later) and sewing (and sewing, and sewing…).  This past weekend was the Art Deco Society’s Queen Mary Art Deco Festival aboard the Queen Mary.  It was our first time staying for the whole weekend, and we were very excited to see what was in store that we had missed in prior years.

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Since there are so many events during the course of the weekend, you need an extensive wardrobe, so I literally spent my entire summer sewing, as finding vintage in my size that I like is near impossible.  So I chained myself to my dining table and burned the midnight oil through the hot summer nights to prepare for the weekend.  And I found I could have used more dresses!  But more on that later.

Friday finally arrived and I literally spent the entire day packing, until we left at 3:30 p.m.  From checking and doing last minute pressing of the clothes, running to the dry cleaners, to packing the jewelry, hats, gloves, lingerie, shoes, sewing kit, bar and snack kit (lifesaver!)  I thought I brought too much stuff, but I actually used the vast majority of it.  Because of the scary rush hour traffic, we literally arrived with just enough time to check in and change for the cocktail party.  I did pause briefly though to check out our gorgeous moderne stateroom, set up my vanity, and to pose with my very un-deco 1950s luggage (sorry, but I won’t pay almost $300 for a ‘30s suitcase.)  Blouse I made from the top of an evening gown pattern and pants crafted by me as well.

ADSLA Opening Reception/Cocktails in Historic Places – the Verandah Grill

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

We met up with our friends Brian, Lily, Heidi and Eric at the Opening Reception and began the weekend-long adventure in figuring out which bar can serve what drinks and how watered down may they be.  At the Reception, I stuck mostly to gin and tonics.  The dress I wore was actually one I managed to purchase, made of navy blue chiffon, from eBay.  I made the underslip.  It was a lovely reception for catching up with friends.  I got to meet the lovely “Vintage Baroness” Jill from Tea with the Vintage Baroness who came all the way down from Canada.   What a charming lady in person.

After lingering a little while, we made our way back to our rooms to change for …

Art Deco Pajama Party and Horse Races – Queen’s Salon

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival
Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

“Let them eat cake!,” which is exactly what we did at the pajama party.  We changed into our p.j.’s, for me consisting of a pink satin pajama set I made with a vintage satin robe with trapunto  I purchased off of Etsy.  I would mention the seller here, but the condition of the robe was not quite what they described.  Rub marks in the satin turned out to be rub marks that went all the way through the fabric.  I had to take a snippet of the belt to fashion a silk patch for the worst of the holes.  There was serious thread rot leaving gaping seams that I had to restitch.  Not quite what I thought I had purchased, but it turned out o.k.

We then witnessed the fine tradition of horse racing on board an ocean liner.  It was more of a board game, played with dice, to see who could get to the finish first.  It was charming, even if I did lose by a nose.

Jim Ziegler & the Swingsations – Observation Bar

Can’t say much here, except that much gin was consumed and I stayed up far too late. And down the spooky hall I went to my room about the “haunted” ship.  Next post – Saturday night of the Queen Mary Art Deco Festival 2011!

Queen Mary Art Deco Festival


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was great to get to spend time with you guys this weekend.You both looked so cute.I need more clothes that are fancier.I'm always drawn towards cotton day dresses for some reason.Or I suppose I could start using the patterns from Decades of Style that I have…

  2. Miss Matilda says:

    You are just as beautiful! so there xxxx

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