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In honor of the 90th anniversary of the Tam o’ Shanter Inn, they are doing a countdown through the decades.  May is the 1930s month, so Husband and I went to experience their 1930s menu.  If you’ve never been to the Tam o’ Shanter, it looks like something you’d find at Disneyland.  And funny thing that.  Walt Disney came to this restaurant most days, as did many celebrities from film lore, such as Mary Pickford and John Wayne (our waiter pointed out John’s table to us.)  Feeling a bit like a Scottish inn and built in the Storybook style, with its plaids, tams, beams and cuisine the Tam o’ Shanter is a little piece of Los Angeles culinary history, as it is the oldest restaurant in Los Angeles owned by the same family in the same location.
Tam o' Shanter

The Menu

While the 1930s menu they offer this May is fairly modest, only four items, the menu from the actual 1930s was very varied.  If you’re in to hamburger steak.  Our waiter gave us a repro menu from the 1930s and it is interesting to see how much the restaurant has changed.  While known for prime rib now, their menu back in the day featured hamburger steak offered seven ways.  Hamburger steak, with or without onions.  Hamburger steak, smothered with onions.  How about hamburger steak, planked, with or without onions.  With Spanish sauce.  With chili.  And with tomato sauce.  And last, but not least, though definitely the most gross, hamburger steak (raw), with egg.  That isn’t counting the hamburger hot sandwiches they offered, or the cold, including the trilby, which was raw hamburger with raw egg.  Seriously?  Fortunately their cuisine has improved by leaps and bounds.
Tam o' Shanter Tam o' Shanter
Tam o' Shanter
Tam o' Shanter
They have a bar that often offers, go figure, Irish music.  There’s some Scotch music as well.  Wish I could have enjoyed it, but low-carb me had to decline the booze.  And the bread.  And the complimentary trifle they offered me. Gah, I’ll be honest, my dinner sucked.  Not because of the Tam o’Shanter, but because of everything I couldn’t eat.  One day, I’ll come back here and eat that trifle.  Come see for yourself.
2980 Los
Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled upon this article by chance while searching for old menus. I'd like to point out that "raw hamburger steak with raw eggs" is also known as "steak tartare" and isn't certainly an example of bad cooking but a real traditional dish served in many restaurants. Whilst not probably as popular nowadays as back then, it is worth a try.

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